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The RC Tank products reviewed here have been provided by RC Tank HQ's worldwide group of selected site sponsors. Not only do our sponsors make this dedicated site about RC Tanks possible, they are also willing to submit their products for independent reviews for RC Tank hobbyists, by RC Tank hobbyists. RC Tank HQ only deals with reputable businesses.



  • Aero-Mate all metal 1/16 Tiger tank

  • Hooben T-55

  • VS Tank 1/24 KV-1 RC tank

  • ElMod Electronics for RC Tanks

  • CG Model 1/16 Gepard RC tank PE parts

  • Matorro 1/16 RC Jagdtiger from Awesome

  • VS Tank VSR modern micro IR tanks Hobbies

  • Heng Long 1/16 Tiger tank, metal upgraded version from Leshan Toy Intn'l

  • MATO metal upgrades for 1/16 Tiger tanks

  • MATO metal upgrades for 1/16 Panzer III

  • FOV Defenders Series Anti-tank IR sensors & Anti-Tank guns

  • MATO 1/16 Sherman


VS Tank Leopard 2A5 Review  

Aero-Mate Tiger 1

This review is sponsored by who are a USA online model hobby and RC Tank retailer with a great reputation in the hobby. As well, their Proprietor is an RC Tank hobbyist himself.




Aero-Mate Tiger one review under construction so keep checking back!





Mato Toys are probably the world's most prolific producer of metal upgrade parts for 1/16 RC tanks. Now, Mato are expanding their product range to include a new line of 1/16 scale RTR RC tanks, the first of which is a M4A1(76)W Sherman.

MATO have a big range of metal upgrade parts for 1/16 RC tanks. With new products regularly being released, in the not too distant future MATO will have metal upgrade parts for almost an entire Tiger Tank in heavy metal.



Model Solutions SFX6 Sound Module

For the Heng Long 1/16 RC Tiger , MATO have a huge range of upgrades for this particular tank with more on the way soon. For the purposes of this review I have installed the submitted parts on a 2010 version of the Heng Long Tiger 1 metal upgrade version, which comes with metal gearbox, tracks and sprocket.

Model Solutions produces a new innovated sound module for RC airplanes, boats and of course tanks in this review we'll look at their SFX6 module that allows for custom sound instillation......More



Unimax, through their 1/24 Battle Beam series of RC tanks, were the first RC tank manufacturer to introduce IR targets with light and sound effects to the hobby.


Imperial-Modellbau are a budget price manufacturer and retailer of RC Tank parts and conversion kits and they asked us to take a look at some new modelling tools they've produced for 1/16 scale tankers.



UNIMAX 1/24 King Tiger



Unimax are continuing to lead the way with proportional control and innovative IR features like targets and team setting ability which put Unimax at the forefront in the development of IR tank combat gaming in any scale at the moment.

At the time of writ
ing we've reviewed three WW2 era RC tanks from Unimax, and three more are due out soon, an impressive line-up in a very short time, leaving modern enthusiasts with similar expectations. 


Wasan Trumpeter 1/16 RC Halftrack Review

This RC Tank HQ review has been made possible through the sponsorship of Backyard-Tanks, a UK based retailer specializing in VS Tank products.


35rctank Flakpanzer Gepard Conversion kit  

CG Model 1/16 Leopard RC Tank PE detail parts

For hobbyists who want a 1/35 scale tank that looks, sounds and performs like the real thing, 35 RC Tank have the answer, with a range of RC conversion kits for 1/35 scale static models.


CG Model is a German manufacturer of 1/16 AFV's and parts with a very high level of scale accuracy. If anyone is building or restoring a 1/16 Leopard 1, CG models offers 3 PE sets which are a must have for detailing out the Leo.


Chunwai M60 all Metal Patton

ElMod have, until now, been well known in the RC Tank hobby for their range of innovative, high quality electronic modules for RC tanks. This SU-152 conversion kit represents ElMod's entry into the conversion kit market and I am pleased to say it is very high quality in every respect.


I have been around the RC Tank hobby for many years and never have I found a more stronger or powerful ready to run tank or kit that comes with so much support products and a out of this world transmitter.

VS Tank KV-2   VS Tank Sherman

VS Tank have produced a real winner with the KV-2! Besides the many VS Tank fans who will undoubtedly add this to their collection, if you're new to the hobby of RC Tanks and are looking for a reliable, affordable first tank, then the VS Tank KV-2 is a great choice.


VS Tank have have done a great job to include all the features we've come to expect from them into a smaller sized model like the Sherman that has a lot less internal room for electronics and gearboxes compared to other tanks in the VS Tank lineup.    


F.O.V. Battle Beam 1/24


Benedini TBS5 II

F.O.V. have chosen to concentratee on the aspects of durability combined with a very easy and pleasant driving and gaming experience which is sure to see this series become a success and hopefully see a constant source of new 1/24 military vehicles from them!  


The Benedini TBS5 II is top quality not just in the tough rugged design of the card itself or the super easy instillation, but in the sounds themselves. I tested this card for a few months with outstanding results, the M1 sounds are out of this world from startup to all positions of the stick, simply perfection in sound quality. 




Profiline Conversion kit

At a price point of around $33 USD, VSX are fantastic value for money and they are sure to gain a huge following around the world.  product


The RC Tank products reviewed here have been provided by RC Tank HQ's worldwide group of selected site sponsors




ETO Sherman Upgrade Combo

Kenny's Model Tanks were the first to start producing after market metal tracks for 1/15 and 1/16 RC tanks. Now they have shown the way forward once more, with the introduction of an improved pin locking system which other manufacturers are sure to adopt.

  fantastic well thought-out upgrade combo built to last and sold by pro's, it covers all the critically needed upgrades for the Tamiya Sherman M4




Thanks to Hobby Master, RC Tank combat hobbyists who enjoy gaming with realistic looking scale models now have another scale to choose from.


VS Tank have sent along airsoft, (dark yellow) and IR combat, (camo) tanks, both of which are 'late production', steel wheeled Tigers.




Chunwai Models M1A2

VS Tank are the clear leader of the 1/24 RC Tank market and are widely recognized by the hobby as being an innovative, quality oriented manufacturer.


Chunwai Models M1A2 is a tank that will last a lifetime, strong and extremely durable this is one tank every tanker cannot do without and most definitely needs in their collection.


Kenny Kong's King Tiger Transport Track


Until now, the only options for King Tiger metal track upgrades have been based on variations of the wider combat tracks. As tankers know, the more weight you add to your tank will mean, depending on how, where, and how often you operate your tank